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With buyers, first impressions count. A small investment in time and money will give your home an edge over other listings in the area when the time comes to show it to a prospective buyer. Here are some suggestions that will help you make that great first impression and also help you get top market value for your home.

General Maintenance                                                Curb Appeal

Oil squeaky doors                                                                   Cut and trim lawn, prune trees and bushes

Wash, clean or paint front door                                          Rake leaves (If autumn)

Tighten door knobs and polish hardware                          Weed and edge garden/flowerbed areas

Replace burned out lights                                                     Pick up any litter/trash in yard

Clean and repair all windows                                               Sweep walkways and driveway (Keep free of Litter/ leaves)

Touch up chipped paint                                                         Clean and Repair Gutters and eaves

Repair cracked plaster and tiles                                           Touch up exterior paint

Repair leaking taps and toilets                                             Properly store seasonal outdoor items and toys.

Functional doorbell                                                                Mailbox is clean and or freshly painted

Driveway and garage clean of oil stains                            Address is clearly visible

Inspect and clean the chimney.                                           Keep your garage door closed.

Re-seal asphalt driveway                                                      Store RV’s, boats, or extra vehicles elsewhere 

Spic and Span                                                                The Buying Atmosphere

Shampoo carpets                                                                    Be absent during showings

Clean washer, dryer and tubs                                               Turn on all lights

Clean furnace                                                                           Light the fireplace on chilly or snowy days

Clean fridge and stove                                                           Open drapery for showings, let the sun in

Make sure drapery is cleaned                                               Play quiet background music

Clean out or organize drawers                                             Keep pets outdoors

Clean and organize kitchen cabinets                                  Make sure home has fresh clean smell

Clean and freshen bathrooms                                             Guest towels and soaps in baths

Clean light fixtures and chandeliers                                    If you have a cat (litter box is clean and odor free)

Keep home dusted, vacuumed and swept                         De-cluttered rooms and halls, no trip hazards

The Spacious Look                                                       Before You Leave – The First Impression

Clear all stairs and halls                                                         Entrance is swept and clean

Store excess furniture                                                            Beds are made

Clear counters and stove                                                      Clothes and towels are picked up

Make closets neat and tidy                                                   Dishes are washed and stored


Remember prospective buyers do open kitchen,
And bath cabinets/drawers, that is why we are
asking you to store valuables such as antiques,
coin collections, prescription drugs, etc. or any
items you may feel need to be removed from
prying eyes. This is also the reason we ask that
you make sure cabinets are clean, organized,
doors and drawers are in good working condition.