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How to Price Your Home 

You're contemplating listing your home on the market, but you're not sure how much its worth. You have a vague idea about a general price range, but you want a more accurate understanding. 

Don't worry - you're not going to need to determine the price of the home yourself. Vikki Wade of the Vikki Wade Team is a listing price expert. She'll guide you through the process, helping you understand how much your home may be worth and how quickly it may sell, based on a wide and complex array of market conditions and variables.

Vikki will consider factors like the home's characteristics and market comparables when they're determining a price. 

Vikki Wade has been in the business for numerous years, overseeing 
hundreds of transactions. Her expertise will help you determine how to price your home.

Vikki Will Generate A Customize Comparative Market Analysis, known as a CMA. 

Let's take a moment to explain the concept of a 'comparable' properties, and how these relate to the unique features in your home. Vikki will consider this and more when she is determining a price for your home.
Let's illustrate this with an example. Imagine that you own a 3-bedroom, 2-bath single-family home built in 1990. Three neighboring single-family residences have recently sold for $280,000 to $330,000, so you presume your home value is somewhere within that range.
But that assumption might not be accurate. Your neighbor's homes feature different qualities than yours. Your neighbor's house has 4 bedrooms; another neighbor has only 1.5 baths. One house has a fireplace and swimming pool; another has a larger yard. One has Viking appliances. One neighbor has hardwoods throughout, while another has wall-to-wall carpet. One is sold as-is.
Are you starting to see the differences? She will not only look at these raw sales numbers for these houses. But to arrive at an accurate pricing picture, Vikk will adjust the sales numbers based on variables such as:  Property Age, Square Footage, Number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms, Condition of the Property, Upgrades and Features

She is professionally trained in adjusting for these variables to arrive at a true comparison for today's real estate marketplace. 

 Understand the Trade-Offs:

Vikki will initiate a conversation with you about a critical question: Do you want to sell your home for top dollar, or do you want to sell it as quickly as possible? 

Some homeowners and agents jointly make a strategic decision to slightly underprice their homes, just by a small amount, to facilitate a quick sale. These are self-described "motivated sellers" who want to unload their home as quickly as possible. They may be moving to another state, for example, or they may need to sell their current home before they can buy another one.

That being said, however, there are many ways you can position your home for a quick sale at full price. Making small improvements, such as fresh paint and exterior landscaping, can be effective at creating a 'wow' factor. Staging your home is another great way to entice buyers to make an offer.

To learn more about your home's value, Contact the Vikki Wade Team of Coldwell Banker Advantage Today.  From Here to Home…It is the Vikki Wade Team's goal to price your property for top dollar, without sacrificing speed. Discover Your Real Estate Advantage…Where Home Begins